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The protection of personal data is a matter of trust, and attaches much importance to Customers’ trust. That’s why means to respect its Customers’ privacy and abide by any applicable law concerning the processing of personal data. means to inform its Customers about how collected personal data shall be processed, and intends to ask for the Customers’ permission to use it for specific purposes.

By looking over this document, the Customer shall be informed about the purpose and the methods of capturing and processing personal data communicated while navigating the website and at the sending of an order, regardless of the method used to send it (e.g. by phone or by online purchase). The Customer shall be able to visit the whole Internet site, including its online store, without having to communicate personal data. While navigating the above mentioned website, the Customer shall never be identifiable unless he freely decides to communicate his own data or enters his username and password to access his account.


Collection and processing of personal data. The specific purposes and methods of processing Customers’ personal data are henceforth described.


a.     Purchase order: collects and processes customers’ personal data to carry out the purchase orders, to deal with any possible complaints lodged after the purchase and to provide the Customer with the available services. Such data is necessary to manage the purchase orders together with the trading partners (e.g. logistics providers, couriers, banks, etc.). It is advisable to enter a delivery address and a right telephone number to send a purchase order so to allow to carry it out quickly and correctly. A telephone number is also necessary to enable to contact the Customer for possible inquiries, and to enable the trading partners to carry out the Customers’ orders quickly and correctly. An email address is necessary to enable to notify the Customer of the reception of the purchase order and for possible further communications. Lastly, the email address is used to identify the Customer and to allow him to log in his account.
b.     Restricted area Customer login: The Customer’s personal data and purchase orders’ data are stored in, but shall not be freely available for security reasons. grants each Customer to log in a restricted area by a protected password. Inside such area, the Customer can look over all the data concerning the purchase orders already carried out and those in progress, manage his personal data, possible bank account data, and the data related to the subscription to newsletters. The Customer is bound to handle login data carefully and within the current regulations, and not to divulge it to third parties. shall by no means be liable for an improper use of the password on the Customer part.
c.     Advertisement: uses Customers’ data for promotional purposes, i.e. to send information about items sold in the Internet site The Customer’s email address shall be used solely within the applicable law or, whereas necessary, after the release of explicit consent on the Customer part. The Customer shall periodically receive emails containing hints for his purchases. It is possible to stop the sending of such promotional messages, free of charge, by emailing: or by clicking on “unsubscribe from newsletter”, at the bottom of each promotional email.
d.     Market researches and opinion polls: the Customer’s data is also processed to carry out market researches and opinion polls. Data is processed anonymously and exclusively to draw up statistics for The Customer has always the right to oppose the processing. Customer’s answers in such market researches and opinion polls are neither disclosed to third parties nor published. The answers to the questions in our polls are not stored together with the email address.
e.     Subscription to the newsletter: in each newsletter, the Customer will find information about favorable offers. encourages the Customer to enter his personal data (e.g. his name) also in the newsletter settings, so to enable to address the Customer personally.  Of course, the Customer shall be able to contact also anonymously, or by a pseudonym (e.g. by a free email address not revealing his name). processes the data collected for the newsletter service in order to customize and suit the services to the interests and tastes of the Customer, as well as for promotional purposes and market studies. stores the data collected over an extended period of time, agreed that such data shall always be used solely for the above-mentioned purposes.
f.       Navigating Internet sites and the newsletter: when the customer visits the Internet site, or is directed to it by a newsletter link, some data is collected and stored. The computer’s domain name or IP address from which the access occurs are temporarily stored for security reasons, and cancelled after 7 (seven) days at the farthest. Further data may be stored, such as the access date, the http reply code and the Internet site from which the redirecting to the website occurred, as well as the quantity of data transmitted (in terms of bytes). The analysis of data is done strictly in anonymous way (for instance, 45% of newsletter subscribers did read a given message). Such a process allows to suit the information included in the offers to the interests of the subscribers to the newsletter, which shall be sent to the Customer only after he gives his consent; in any case he shall be able to stop receiving it, free of charge, by emailing a cancellation request to:, or by calling the number: +39-080-483-1411, or again by clicking on the “unsubscribe from the newsletter” link, available in all newsletters.
g.     Prize contests: in case of possible prize contests, shall use the Customer’s personal data (in particular, his email address or telephone number) to communicate the outcome, and for promotional purposes. The Customer shall be able to obtain more detailed information by looking over the contest rules of each distinct prize contest.


Storing of personal data through cookies: it is not necessary to accept cookies while navigating the Internet site However, the Customer must know that cookies need be activated prior to his being able to use the “cart” function and to send orders. The Internet site uses cookies. Cookies are text files, stored on a storage medium, which allow to log some parameters and data communicated to the computer system of through the browser used by the Customer, and allow to analyze his habits when he uses a given Internet site. Such storage allows to tailor his Internet site to the Customer needs and also to ease its use (for instance, after storing some routine requests, it becomes unnecessary to repeat them at each visit). Many of the cookies used are automatically deleted from the hard disk of the Customer’s computer at the end of each navigating session (from which derives the expression “session cookie”). Other cookies instead remain on the hard disk. Their persistence is rather longer (some years) for practical reasons. Once the site is visited for the first time, the system shall be able to determine at each subsequent visit that the Customer has already visited the website, therefore the Customer’s requests and preferred data (long persistence cookies) shall be retrieved. Such cookies shall free the Customer from re-entering his password and filling up forms at each access. Browsers normally limit the use of cookies, even though these last allow to see the current offers of the Internet site more freely. Cookies may also be neutralized. The Internet site uses the service “Google Analytics”, a service of Google Inc. Company (“Google”). Google uses cookies. Information concerning the Customer’s habits when visiting Internet sites (including the IP address), obtained through the cookies, are transferred to a Google server located in the United States, where they are stored. Google respects the provisions of “Safe Harbor Principles” concerning the protection of data and participates in the “Safe Harbor” program of the Department of Commerce of the United States. Google uses such information to analyze the Customer’s habits when using the Internet site, to provide with reports about the visits to the Internet site and with other details concerning the use of the same Internet site, as well as with more general information about the use of Internet. Google forwards such information to third parties whereas prescribed by the law, or whereas third parties are appointed to process such data on behalf of Google. Google shall never link the Customer’s IP address to further Google data. The Customer can deny the installation of cookies by selecting the corresponding parameters in the specific options of the browser. It is pointed out, however, that this way the Customer shall not be able to fully take advantage of some functions of the website. By using this website, the Customer agrees on the processing of the data collected by Google in accordance with the methods and the purposes described above. On the Internet site data is collected, thanks to technologies of the firm “Lights Web Studio of Carrieri Massimiliano” (, for commercial purposes and technology optimization. Resorting to pseudonyms, use profiles are drawn from this data. Data collected through Lights Web technologies cannot be used to identify the visitor, or linked to the personally identifiable information of the person using a pseudonym, without his explicit consent. The Customer consents to the storing of username and password in cookies at the end of the navigating session, and to their activation at the subsequent visit. The Customer can revoke such authorization at any moment, the effects being visible on the subsequent visit, by selecting the specific browser parameters which allow to exclude the activation of cookies, in the following way: Mozilla Firefox: 1. Selecting the “Tools” menu, then “Options” 2. Clicking on “Privacy”. Microsoft Internet Explorer: 1. Selecting the “Tools” menu, then “Internet options” 2. Clicking on “Privacy” 3. Choosing the desired privacy level by shifting the cursor. Google Chrome: 1.  Selecting the “Tools” menu, then “Settings” 2. Clicking on “Show advanced settings” 3. Clicking on “Content” in the “Privacy” section. Opera: 1. Selecting the “File” menu, then “Preferences”. 2. Clicking on “Privacy”.
Safe transfer of personal data: Customer’s personal data is encrypted before being transferred.  This happens both upon the sending of orders and when he accesses his private account. For this purpose, the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technique is used. Although it is not possible to grant absolute protection, has adopted for his systems precautions against the loss, destruction, modification or dissemination of the Customer’s data by unauthorized third parties. 

Explicit consent of the Customer: by looking over the current document, the Customer gives his explicit consent to the processing and communication of his personal data in conformity with the methods and purposes described in the preceding Section 1.  Such consent is stored in the systems of and may be revoked at any moment, with immediate effect.
Rights of the Customer: the Customer is entitled to know the source of his personal data, the purposes and methods with which it is processed and the logic behind the processing whereas be done with electronic devices, as well as the personal details of the data controller and the data processor, or a party so appointed, and of the subjects or subject categories to whom personal data can be disclosed, or who may access to it. The Customer has the right to obtain: a) the update, the rectification or, if desired, the integration of his personal data; b) the cancellation, transformation into an anonymous form or blocking of the unlawfully processed data, including data unnecessarily stored for the purposes for which it was collected and subsequently processed; c) the confirmation that the operations under letters a) and b) have been reported (together with their contents) to whom the data was disclosed or disseminated, except when it becomes impossible or if it implies the use of means clearly disproportionate to the right’s protection. The Customer is entitled to object, in whole or in part: a) for legitimate reasons, to the processing of his personal data, even though related to the purposes for which it was collected; b) to the processing of his personal data aimed at the sending of advertisement or direct marketing, or to carry out market researches or commercial communications. As regards the transmission and use of the Customer’s personal data to assess the risk of payment, only after the explicit consent of the Customer shall disseminate information concerning: i) the risk percentages collected during the six months before the request, or those stored for the first time; ii) the type of data used to calculate the risk percentages; iii) the estimate and the meaning of the risk percentages for each particular case, expressed in an understandable form.
Data controller and data processor: the data controller is Maria Luisa Angelini, with registered office in: Corso Messapia,79 – 74015 Martina Franca (TA).

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